003 Microbes, the little guys_Corrigendum, the word Prokaryote_has its used by date passed?

This podcast revisits the taxonomic system of life and asks the question: "is the word Prokaryote out of date?" In this world of science literature it is ever important that we are all on the same page. Join as we clarify a topic that many amateur and professional scientists struggle with. We also introduce our next podcast topic... the HeLa cells. These cells have played an important role in medical microbiology and continue to be used to this day in universities around the world to examine the effects of various stimulus on this human cell line. But all is not as noble as it seems....


001 Microbes, the little guys intro_Taxonomic classification systems

This is the first official podcast from thescientist, in the series; "Microbes, the little guys". In this episode we discuss the structure and information to expect from this podcast and also the taxonomic classification of life. The classification systems mentioned include the dichotomous Plant / Animal Linneas system, the 5 kingdom system by Whittaker and the widely adopted 3 Domain system by Carl Woese and George Fox.

The three domain system proposed by Woese et al. had its basis in molecular biology rather than purely visual or structural characteristics and compares the sequence of the ribosome to create and identify evolutionary relationships as well as act as a bar code for the identification of organisms.