003 Microbes, the little guys_Corrigendum, the word Prokaryote_has its used by date passed?

This podcast revisits the taxonomic system of life and asks the question: "is the word Prokaryote out of date?" In this world of science literature it is ever important that we are all on the same page. Join as we clarify a topic that many amateur and professional scientists struggle with. We also introduce our next podcast topic... the HeLa cells. These cells have played an important role in medical microbiology and continue to be used to this day in universities around the world to examine the effects of various stimulus on this human cell line. But all is not as noble as it seems....

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002 Microbes, the little guys_SAR11 the most abundant microbe on the planet!

This episode delves inside the world of SAR11. The most abundant microbe in the Oceans, and in fact on the Planet! Only discovered in 1990 by Stephen Giovannoni et. al., this microbe has already had its genome sequenced. SAR11 plays an important role as not just the garbage cleaner and elemental recycler of the oceans, but is also involved in the carbon cycle. The high abundance of SAR11, 25% in some oceans means that this tiny microbe with a tiny genome can effect the global carbon cycle and thus is important to study in reference to climate change.